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About us

Best Wire is your Wire Jewelry source, specializing in Handmade Gold and Silver Wire Jewelry. Using strands of Gold and Silver wire and gemstones, we design beautiful, one of a kind, unique pieces of jewelry.

Our handmade gold and silver wire jewelry is made without the use of solder or cement, and each piece is completely handmade.

Jewelry has been with us as long as civilization itself. Meander through any museum of ancient history and you will see examples of precious metals and gems formed into ornaments which once adorned our ancestors.
One of the earliest varieties of jewelry - dating back to the Egyptian Pharaoh’s - is typically made from strands of gold, bound and shaped into designs ranging from simple to rather elaborate. Perhaps most surprising is that this ancient art of creating wire jewelry has managed to survive.

Only a few masters of wire jewelry are practicing their art today. One such Master Wire Artist is Dennis Stein, who has been sculpting precious wire jewelry for over 40 years. Bob Hall, another of our talented wire artists has been designing wire jewelry for more than 10 years. Dennis has represented his art form at shows throughout America, and both Bob and Dennis have represented their art at local venues in and around Florida .Dennis's customer list reads like an international travelogue.

We also specialize in Magnetic Jewelry for your health. For years magnets have been associated with improved circulation and pain relief. Feel the difference in your body after wearing Magnetic Jewelry.

Dennis is the designer of the "Silent Sleeper" Snore Relief Ring. This amazing ring, which is based on the ancient art of Acupressure, relieves snoring just by wearing the ring while sleeping.